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Security Issues with Browser-Based Bitcoin Wallets

Jameson Lopp , CTO at Casa, discusses wallet security and in particular security around how deposits and withdrawals are made to and from the wallet.

Jameson Lopp


Interview with Selene Jin, Director of User Experience

Listen to Conor Okus and Selene Jin talk about Bitcoin and the user experience.

Conor Okus


Rethinking Wallet Architecture using Wallet Descriptors

The architecture of Bitcoin Core's wallet recently changed. At the Advancing Bitcoin Conference 2020, Andrew Chow spoke about Rethinking Wallet Architecture and the recent changes he's implemented.

Leon Johnson


With P2EP, BTC Pay Server steps into the battle for Bitcoin’s privacy

This article describes P2PEP, a method of improving bitcoin privacy., and how it is being implemented in BTC Pay Server. This is a big step towards delivering Bitcoin's original goal of worldwide permission-less payments.

Stéphane Marbeau


How to become a bitcoin developer

This article explains in 5 steps how to become a bitcoin developer.

Leon Johnson

User experience

Don't shut me out! Why bitcoin wallets shouldn't lock you out after 3 attempts

Why do bitcoin apps have login screens? Are login screens necessary? How many attempts before you lock me out?

Leon Johnson


How to raise a seed fund for your bitcoin startup!

A recap of our first event aimed at aspiring bitcoin and crypto entrepreneurs.

Leon Johnson


Recap of Advancing Bitcoin 2020 conference

The second advancing bitcoin conference took place on February 6th and 7th 2020, during the early stages of the coronavirus epidemic. Read about

Leon Johnson